Our factory has a fully automated equipment for the manufacture of chemical and organic fertilizers and organic, for the manufacture of various products based on Sphagnum peat and mineral supplements for livestock, know it!

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Nº Insc.
Bio Organutsa 5-4-3 12.481
Bio Organutsa Nitro Plus 9-2-3 13.423
Bio Organutsa Nitro 7-2-5 15.983

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Bio-Organutsa: Fertilizante Orgánico

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III Organic Fertilizer

"Argentina is one of the countries that produces more quantity and diversity of organic crops"

Fertility is a key concept for the vegetable production. In organic agriculture, this principle is more evident in the face of the impossibility of using chemical fertilizers and controlling with weed killer the weeds that compete with the growing for the minerals provided by the soil.

Without fertility, productivity will descend inexorably, compromising the sustainability of any organic production undertaking.
It is usual, that producers turn to using amendments with high costs and not always be able to be kept in time due to operative reasons, availability reasons, etc. as it forces the preparation and incorporation of large volumes of manure, compost, bermicompost, and other emendations of low value in given mineral units. BIO-ORGANUTSA provides the organic producer with a fundamental tool to increase productivity in a quick and efficient way.


It is the first complete soil fertilizer developed in our country for certified organic agriculture. At the moment it is used in thousand of hectares of the most varied crops (apple-trees, pear-trees, olive-trees, grapevines, vegetables, sugar canes, tobacco, scented herbs, etc.) with excellent yield levels and production quality.

::BIO-ORGANUTSA is not an emendation, it is a complete fertilizer of the soil ::

IIt provides a high level of minerals (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur) quickly available for the crop.

The problem:

In the organic production, it is possible to find:
· Lack of vigor
· Low yields
· Constant decrease of productivity

The solution:
BIO-ORGANUTSA´S formulations have a high content of organic Nitrogen quickly available (till 90 Kg/ ton), with an immediate response in the productive circle.


·  Kid’s manure
· Manure mixture
· Blood flour
· Sunflower husk ashes
· Natural phosphate
· Caand Mg compounds
· Sulphur ( if necessary)


· Quick response
· Balanced nutrition
· Efficiency and quality
· Organic substratum of a very low Carbon/Nitrogen relation 3/1
· High phosphorus and microelements availability. It provides Calcium and Magnesium.
· High contribution of quickly available Nitrogen.


The manure undergoes a process of prehummification to obtain a final product with a very low Carbon/ Nitrogen relation (3/1).
In Argentina, this process is only carried out by Daasons S.A. For this purpose, a greenhouse has been installed containing a huge thermal plate.
There, the manure mixture is automatically removed and aired in a permanent way until the process has been completed. This installment also allows the addition of microelements (iron, zinc, boron, copper) for its quelatization of the organic matter.
The objective of this mixture is to cover the deficiencies of some of these elements in a more economic and efficient way prior to the authorization of the certifying company.

Its new pelleted presentation allows to totally mechanize its distribution and incorporation, exactly controlling the dose of the fertilized plant, line, or hectare.
BIO-ORGANUTSA must be incorporated to the soil in the explored area of the roots.
Bio-Organutsa: Fertilizante Orgánico Bio-Organutsa: Fertilizante Orgánico

There are three different formulations to adapt nutrition to the distinct requirements of each crop and each type of soil.

Bio Organutsa Bio Organutsa Nitro Bio Organutsa Nitro Plus
Equivalent grade
5 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 3
Equivalent grade
7 - 2 - 5 - 3 - 3
Equivalent grade
9 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 3
Balanced formulation for starter application in winter before sprout. For more Potassium and Nitrogen needs. For crop or growth stages that answer to a nitrogenous fertilization.
All formulations may have optional Sulphur for soils with high PH level (higher than 7,5)

III Usage recommendations for principal crops

High density olives Bio-Organutsa Nitro
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
800 to 1000
600 to 800
Incorporated within the wet bulb, in one or two applications.
Apples Bio-Organutsa
600 to 1.000 Incorporated in winter and/or alter harvest, if there’s a lack of vigor turn to Nitro in post-harvest 600 to 800 kg/ha.
Pears Bio-Organutsa Nitro
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
1.000 Incorporated in winter or divided into two applications before the Nitro Plus flowering or after the Nitro.
Limited production grapevines Bio-Organutsa
600 to 800 Incorporated before ripening and/or after harvest, according to observation. To the indicated dose it does nor promote higher growth or production, it corrects deficiencies in K or Mg, minor elements, etc.
Grapes Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
1.000 Incorporated before ripening.
Citrus Bio-Organutsa
800 Incorporated in July/August in the top projection. In November/December, 500-700Kg of Nitro Bio-organutsa can be applied.
Fruit-tree plantations Bio-Organutsa
500 gr. to 1 kg/plant Mix with earth at the bottom of the well of the plantation. It constitutes an economic plantation ´insurance´producing lively rooting due to its higher Potassium availability.
Avoid direct contact with the roots first pouring fertilizer and then a shovelful of earth.
Strawberries- Fine fruits Bio-Organutsa
1.000 Incorporated to the soil before transplantation.
Garlic and Onions Bio-Organutsa
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
500 to 600
500 to 600
Incorporated to the soil before sowing or transplantation. In bands of one or two applications before bulbification. This operation may be mechanized or incorporated with a rotovator.
Vegetables Bio-Organutsa
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
500 to 1.500
500 to 1.000
Incorporated to the soil before sowing or transplantation. Use the minor doses if reinforces are given during the vegetative cycle.
Applied as reinforcement in one or two band application as needed by the crop.
Scented herbs, species Bio-Organutsa

Bio-Organutsa Nitro
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
500 to 1.000 Incorporated before reproductive stages, according to the needs of the crop.
Yerba Mate Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
Bio-Organutsa Nitro
600 to 800
800 to 1.000
Incorporated in Spring in the top projection.
Tea Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
600 to 800 Incorporated in Spring in the interlining.
Tabacco Bio-Organutsa
Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
500 to 600
600 to 800
Incorporated to the soil before transplantation in one or two applications in the hilling.
Sugar cane Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
800 to 1.000 Incorporated in furrows in one or two applications.
Sunflower Bio-Organutsa Nitro
400 to 600 Incorporated before sowing.
Cereals Bio-Organutsa NitroPlus
600 to 1.000 Incorporated before sowing and/or before the hilling.
IMPORTANT: PH correction. Soils with high PH (higher than 7,5) use formulations with Sulphur.

Bio-Organutsa meets all the necessary requirements to be used in organic agricultural production. Its products are certified as ´organic´, ´biological´, or ´ecological´ according to the SENASA patterns, using elements included in the Anexo A of the resolution 423/92

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